Winery Spotlight: Corona Del Valle

Food: ★★★★★
Wine: ★★★★☆
Ambiance: ★★★★★
Price: $$ (based on Yelp)

Corona Del Valle was rated #1 restaurant in Valle De Guadalupe on Trip Advisor and naturally we decided to give it a shot.  At the end of a bumpy dirt road, you reach a wide open space housing the winery and restaurant.  There is outdoor and indoor seating but with the winds from the Pacific and ample shade outside, we’ve opted for this option every time.

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Growing in little planters on the tables are rosemary.  They serve rosemary infused water sometimes!  And if a wine doesn’t suit you, it goes straight into the planter.

They are known for their award winning wines with their Cabarnet Sauvignon being the gold medal winner.  Our group did not particularly enjoy this wine but with prices for wine tastings being so low, it’s worth the experience.  We did, however, enjoy the Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot and had an extra glass of each.


There is a kids area!  Kid seating for groups and even a playground and soccer field on premises.  Even a kid’s menu!

For those who would like to take a bike ride through the vineyards there are some used bikes suitable for children to adults.  Not all of them are in working condition but if you find the lucky few that are, you are riding through vineyards on flat dirt roads feeling the sun beating down on your back and the wind in your face.  A little break from the wining and dining experience is always welcome.

Prices for Wine Tastings:


The current exchange rate in Mexico is 1 US Dollar for ~18 Mexican Pesos.

ex: $80 will get you a tasting of one red (vino tinto) and one white (vino blanco) $80 pesos/$18 = ~$4.44 US Dollars.

Their menu is comprehensive and features Baja’s surf and turf for reasonable prices.  Click the pictures below for pricing information as well:

For more info and plenty more pictures from other satisfied guests of Corona Del Valle:



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